blog Best 5 Gifts for Glasses Wearers

By James Merritt - 12 Jul 2017

The easy win: Nerd Wax

Any glasses wearer will tell you there is nothing more annoying than having to push your frames up constantly. Lucky the guys over a Nerd Wax found a solution for this. A roll on wax applied to the glasses to get them to stay put. Simple but very effective.Nerdwax

The Fun one: Happy Jackson glasses case

The perfect gift for any happy go lucky glasses wearer. Super cute colours and “instant genius” text but also practical as it’s a hard case and can be thrown into any bag without a worry!


The Vintage Find: Sam Ubhi glasses chain

Get a vintage feel with a designer edge from Sam Ubhi with this pearl gold glasses chain, stylish solution for those constantly losing their glasses. Of course there is always the option of getting one from a vintage shop for a smaller budget.

The Clumsy Fix: Gadget Co Repair Kit

If you know someone constantly marking and breaking their glasses, this is a well needed present. Cleaning solution, cloth and tool all in one handy nicely packed kit.



The stressed relief: eye zone massager

Wearing glasses 24 7 can leave sore noses and areas around the eyes. This combines 3 types of therapy, massage, pin hole and magnetic therapy to sooth around the eye areas.




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