In view of the current context linked to Covid-19, we wanted to let you know that we are very up to date with recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), our NHS and the Government, in order to allow you to receive your glasses with peace of mind.


Are you still open?


We understand that many Opticians will be closed due to social distancing. 

If you have any concerns about your vision and need some advice, you can contact our eye specialists

 Optometrist at: and request a callback. 

Your call will be diverted to one of our Optometrists who, together have a combined Clinical experience of over 45yrs. If you don't get through, leave a message, and they will call you back.

As Eyecare Optometrists, we will do all that we can to help you with your eye care needs. 

My prescription is out of date. What shall I do?

The GOC (General Optical Council) has relaxed the rules, due to Covid -19 

This means that if your prescription has expired, but you need a pair of glasses, you can still go ahead, and purchase glasses. 

There are two types of Opticians. Dispensing Opticians.

These Opticians dispense glasses.

Ophthalmic Opticians.

These are Optometrists, who perform the eye exam, detect and diagnose eye diseases, as well as dispense glasses.


Please do reach out, if you need any help at and request a call back from our Optometrist. 

What are you doing to respect the current social distancing?

Our Optometrists, creative and tech teams are currently working from home.

Our office has a secure entrance that has the protocol set out by the WHO guidelines. Our Lab and stock rooms are running on separate shifts, to ensure the safety of our staff. 

We have hand sanitisers placed on entrance, gloves while working, and hand sanitisers in our labs and stock rooms. 

As a consequence, we have (even more) reinforced our standards of hygiene with glasses handling.

Can I still take out a home trial?

Yes. As long as our delivery Royal Mail Partners are operating, then so are we. 

We do understand, that it may take longer to return the home trials. If you can aim to send them back asap. That will be great.

When will I get my glasses?

If your glasses are straight forward prescription, and we have your lenses in stock, we will be able to get your glasses out to you within the week. If your lenses are out of stock, please allow around 10 working days. 

If they are bespoke jobs, such as bifocals, varifocals and some thinner lenses, please allow approximately 3 weeks. This is due to Covid 19. We will do all that we can to get them put to you sooner. 

If you need your glasses urgently, please do reach out to us on 

We will do all that we can to help. 

Buy a Pair, Give some Care
Supporting each other - here's how

1. We have now opened the availability of our first-time buyers' promotion both to new and returning customers.

Please use “NOW50” discount code at checkout to get 50% off your frames, anti-glare coating and sunglasses tints.

2. We will donate food items to our local food banks to support the most vulnerable.

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