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You can either take a photo of your prescription and email it to us or scan it and email it to us at You can also enter your prescription during the glasses purchase process right after choosing your lenses type.


Your eye prescription and what it means


  • The SPH (Sphere) is the power that determines if you are short sighted or long sighted.
    Short sighted has a minus sign (-) in front of the power.
    Long-sighted has a plus (+) sign in front of the power.
  • The CYL (cylinder) is the power of astigmatism in the eye. It is usually in minus (-) power but can sometimes be in plus (+) form too.
  • AXIS is the angle at which the astigmatism is corrected. 


    Your Pupillary distance is the distance between your eyes. It measured between the centre of your pupils.

    If you don't have your PD. Don't worry. If your prescription is mild and similar in both eyes, we will take the universal average PD. Depending on your prescription, our Optometrist will get in touch and show you how to take the PD.


    Myopia -

    Myopia is a very common prescription, also referred to as being short sighted. People who are short sighted can see clearly at short distances. Hence the term short sighted. 

    The higher the prescription, the closer an object has to be for the person to see clearly.

    The main difficulty of being short sighted is blurred distance vision. Minus lenses are the thinnest in the centre of the spectacle lenses and become thicker towards the edges of the glasses.


    Hypermetropia +

    Hypermetropia, Hyperopia and long sightedness all mean the same. Loosely, It means that without wearing spectacles, people will say their general vision is good, but that they mainly need their glasses for reading and close work.

    Inside the eye, there is a clear lens which automatically changes shape to change the focusing ability for the eye for close distance. This process is called ‘accommodation.’ 

    If you imagine the lens to be a soft oval ball, it’s tall when you look into the distance. When you look at close distance objects, the soft ball gets pulled from either side and becomes rounder to allow for clearer focus for near distance.

    For long sighted people this accommodation ‘effort’ is far higher than an individual who is not. When tired, the effort is greater, which can sometimes make eye tired even for general vision.


    Astigmatism (can be + or -)

    Many people tend to know about short sighted and longsighted. Astigmatism is another form of prescription. People with astigmatism have often been told that their eye surface is like a rugby ball or egg shape. All this means is that the eye surface requires a different correction (power) at one angle compared to the rest of the eye.



    The eye ball has 6 main muscles attached to it. This helps the eyes look in different directions.  
    If any of these muscles are a little weak, sometimes the Optometrist may prescribe a Prism. This helps the eye see more comfortably. The Prism always comes with a BASE. This shows which direction the prism is corrected. 

    NOTE - We don't have prism on our online prescription form. Just send us a photo of your prescription and our Optometrist will confirm your prescription with you. 


    Presbyopia (ADD) 

    Around the age of 40 or after that, generally, people start to notice that their near vision is different to their distance vision. Inside the eye, there is a lens, which changes shape when we look at near distance. This lens is very flexible at birth. Over time this becomes less flexible. This is when reading glasses help to make up for the loss in clarity for in near vision.

    Your Optometrist will give you a Near Add and sometimes an Intermediate Add too. 
    The Add, in most cases is usually the same in both right and left eye.  


    NOTE - Our prescription form only has Add in the form. If you have more than 1 Add. Both near and intermediate, email us a photo of your prescription and our Optometrist will get in touch and confirm your prescription. 


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