Types of Lenses

All our lenses are from UK accredited labs. We offer one year warranty on lenses.

Single vision lenses

Single vision lenses have the same power, whether you look into the distance or at near objects.

If you have been prescribed a near and/or an intermediate  'ADD'
You may need a separate prescription for distance and for reading. If this is the case, then we have three options:

1.Two pairs of glasses. One for distance and for reading. 

2. Bifocal lenses. ( Round or D shape line that separates the distance and reading)

3. Varifocal lenses in your glasses. (No visible line in the lenses)

NOTE - We don't offer Bifocals on our site but we can make them for you. Please email us on info@madaboutspecs.co.uk or call us on +44 207 129 8657 or chat with us on live chat. 


Varifocal lenses

Varifocals offer both distance and near vision including an intermediate vision. It’s a no line bifocal. It also gives an intermediate vision, which usually allows for vision at arms' length.

There are many types of varifocal lenses on the market. The basic ones have a limited field of view. We have only put in one type of varifocal. These lenses are one of the best in the optical industry today. We have chosen these lenses so that you get maximum field of view from the lenses for distance, intermediate and near. 


Lens Coatings

UV coating

The sun produces ultra violet light (UV). This light contains a blue light that cannot be seen by the human eye. UV light can cause skin damage, especially in the summer months. This can accelerate the process of aging and in some cases cause more harm. 

UV protection helps protect the eye. Why protect against UV light?

In bright conditions, it is common to experience glare and discomfort. Without sunglasses, there is a natural tendency to squint the eyes. This helps reduce the amount of bright light entering the eye, which can lead to headaches across the brow area due to muscles across the forehead being pulled. Tinted glasses do make it more comfortable, but without the UV coating, there is not enough protection from UV light.

All our sunglasses tints come with UV protection.

Anti-glare coating

Antiglare coating reduces the amount of reflection that comes off the glasses. They are ideal for driving, especially at dusk.


Lens thickness options

  • 1.5 Standard CR39 - These lenses are the standard plastic lens
  • 1.6 - These lenses are approximately 20% thinner than our standard plastic lens
  • 1.67 - These lenses are approximately 30% thinner than the standard lenses
  • 1.74 - These lenses are on average 40% thinner than the standard lens


Please don’t hesitate to contact us on info@madaboutspecs.co.uk if you need any further advice.

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